Why All the Bad News?

Gillian Ward, Reporter

As I sat in my “Arts and Communication” class on the third day of school I began to dread having the class. One thing I detest most is the news, and now I am expected to report it. Personally, I do not like the news because the majority of what we see on the news is negative, and with many channels you find very skewed stories and false media.  Almost every single time I see the news flipped on, the story is of the latest school shooting, terrorist attack, lying politician, or murderer. This makes my stomach churn. It is rare to see happy stories on many of the large channels. So why all the bad news? Is it because our world is truly rotten? Is negative news all we have to show?

Watching the major news stations offers very little encouragement and happiness. I feel that this fuels a society with bitterness, and bitterness will cause decay. This breeds an unhappy, negative society that will do wrong, therefore making more negative news, and so the cycle continues. Ask yourself; do you feel good and happy after watching the news?

I do agree that news is important in many ways, such as knowing the weather, emergency reports, and current events that apply to everyday people, but I feel that the amount of murder stories, crime news stories, and other negative reports are in excess. Many of today’s “news” stations are not really even reporting the news at all. For example, news stations such as FOX have hour long segments where people sit around to gossip and argue about the latest craze or popular figure, which isn’t exactly life changing breaking news.

Many people believe everything they see/hear on TV, and big news channels most often report the news in very biased tones that influence their viewers’ perception of the world instead of giving hard facts and letting them decide for themselves. I believe that unless stated as opinionated, news should be cold, hard facts. It is fine for there to be shows like this, but they should not label themselves as news. This makes it difficult to find the real news. 

Anyways, I was trying to gain inspiration for what to write an article on so I researched news on Google, but the negativity in all the news began to wear on me, so I went on the search for good news. All I typed in the search bar was “good news.” What I received was a plethora of websites and newsletters devoted solely to delivering happy, uplifting stories. I found stories of good deeds, victories, and happiness. It looks like I’m not the only one who feels this way about news. So I wondered, why aren’t these stories making the news as often?

These stories I found warmed my heart and raised my spirits. For some reason, good news doesn’t seem to sell as well as bad news. So my goal is to from now on deliver stories to put a smile on people’s faces, instead of worry in their hearts.