Improve The School: Teacher Edition

Donna Botelho, Reporter

Teachers at Kohala High School have different opinions about how we could improve the quality of life at the school for the students. Teachers who have been here longer might have differing opinions than teachers that are new about the different methods of how we could improve the school. Some teachers have been teaching at the school for 10+ years, however new  teachers might have differing opinions. This is what they had to say.

When asked what’s something that she does that she thinks helps students and might want other teachers to implement Ms.Petruzzi an english teacher stated this “One thing that I implement in my classes that I think other teachers might want to do is word sorts. To help students understand vocabulary and then put them categories so they start thinking about the relationship between words so they don’t just know what they mean and what the part of speech is but they can recognize it and use it.”

Mr.Douglas, the resident science teacher stated this when asked the same question “You know, each day after I go home I try to really think about what happened that day with the students and the interactions that I had with the students, the positive ones, the negative ones to think about any mistakes that might of happened, things that I might have missed in my instruction, things that i need to go over more, try to think about if there was any flags that went off during the day about kids that  show me something that is off the wall that I had never seen before and I need to think about stuff that way. I think every teacher should have a a system of reflection that really focuses on the kids learning needs and their social and emotional health.”

This is what two of the Kohala High School teachers think about improving the quality of life at the school, any differing opinions? Leave them in the comments!