How Do Veteran Players Feel About New Players?

Donna Botelho, Reporter

Football, Volleyball, Cross Country and Cheerleading, all sports that are going to start within the following weeks and months and new players are bound to be joining each of the teams, hoping to help their team “Rise to the Challenge!” However, how do our “Veteran” players, so to speak, feel about the new people joining their ranks? Here’s what some of those players had to say about the new recruits!

Veteran Cross Country player Angelique Kokal had stated that “I think it’s exciting to see fresh faces joining the sport. Often, people are discouraged by the rigor of endurance running, so it really demonstrates courage when new people come out and run cross country.”

Veteran Cheerleader Mya Bartsch said this when asked if new players make it easier or harder for them, “It’s both, like I’m so excited that their are new girls that want to come to the team and experience new things and find themselves and really experience what we went through and go through, you know there are ups and downs but most of the time its all ups, highs and positives things because it is a different atmosphere that we have to get used to and we also have to teach them new things that we’ve learned before, but thats just part of the process.”

(XC Photos taken by Ms.Neitfeld)

Angelique Kokal pushes through and runs up a slope


Veteran Cheerleader Mya Bartsch after a game


(Photo taken by Kamaile Gusman)