Cheerleaders, Ready For Football Season?

Kamaile Gusman, Reporter

The Kohala High School cheerleaders had their very first practice on Wednesday the 29th of August. However, the first football game is just 3 days later, on Saturday the 1st of September. Will the cheerleaders have enough time to prepare for the game? Are they ready for this very short football season?

There are currently 5 returning cheerleaders, and approximately 7 new cheerleaders. There are almost 90 cheers to learn, and can be extremely difficult to get down in a short amount of time. For this very reason, only the 5 returning cheerleaders will have the opportunity cheer at the first game. Unfortunately, there are only about 4 football games this season, making it extremely short.

A few returning and a few new cheerleaders were asked if they feel like they are prepared for this year’s football season, or will be prepared within this short time frame. Returning cheerleaders were also asked how they think the new cheerleaders will do, and new cheerleaders were asked about their feelings about becoming a cheerleader, and their experience so far.

Mya Finau, returning cheerleader, responded, “Absolutely, it’s something I’ve been anticipating for a long time and I believe our team’s going to do a lot better this year.”. She also added, “I think although our practice time has been limited, we should be just fine. Especially because of how passionate we are about our cheers and the muscle memory from last year’s season.” Responding to how she thinks the new cheerleaders will do she said, “I think the new cheerleaders will do better and better the more they cheer. It’s definitely going to be a bit more challenging for them because we’ve got so many new cheerleaders this year, and everybody learns at a different pace. But other than that, the cheerleaders should do great.”.

Reyanna Savedra, returning, stated, “I feel like this season will go smooth, since there aren’t many games for us. I’m a little upset that the new cheerleaders won’t be with us for the first game. But I do love the amount of them that came out this year and I can’t wait to make new memories.”.

Destiny Souze, new cheerleader, said, “I believe that the girls can get it together in time for the season, they all definitely have the spirit and attitude needed. I’m really glad I joined cheer; I think the group is supportive and there’s no feeling of intense pressure so it’s really fun.”

Joselynn Medeiros, new cheerleader, expressed, “With progress and commitment, I do believe that the cheerleaders will be prepared. Although we started late, we try and do something new every practice and with every practice we just keep on getting better. Especially for the new recruits that just joined cheerleading, we have such a passion to practice and learn the new cheers that are taught. Personally, I feel as if I’m creating new friendships and also spending my time wisely doing something that I’ve never done before. Honestly, it’s a great time to get my energy out and also be surrounded by amazing people.” So far her experience has been nothing like she had expected. She didn’t realize how “chill” everyone was and how much fun practice would be, while being productive. She also added, “Right now, cheerleading is something I look forward to every Wednesday and Thursday. And hopefully it’ll continue to be like that.”

It is obvious that everyone agrees that this football season will be amazing despite the late start. They are confident that each girl has the spirit and determination to prepare themselves for this season. The excitement grows as the first game approaches, and all the cheerleaders are thrilled for the laughter and moments to be shared with one another.