Kohala High School Cheerleaders:

  • B. Mya(Senior)
  • G.Kamaile(Senior)
  • S.Reyanna(Senior)
  • F.Mya(Sophomore)
  • C.Jessa-May(Junior)
  • S.Destiney(Junior)
  • T.Grace(Sophomore)
  • C.Jovey(Junior)
  • M.Joselynn(Senior)
  • C.Dayana(Sophomore)

Last Year Senior cheerleaders! How does it feel as a cheerleader and it being your last year?, Also would cheerleading be something you will don in the future?, Any words for underclassmen that will be cheerleading after you graduate?, Any words for you cheerleaders this year?

Reyanna.S One of the four returnees as a cheerleader say’s. “I’m extremely sad for it being my last year as a cheerleader. I feel like I’ll keep cheerleading in my life with my future kids and hopefully they will do cheerleading. I’d like to say to the cheerleaders continuing next year to strive on and never listen to what negative people say. I’m looking forward to making this year memorable!”

Joselynn.M Im a new cheerleader, been out here before but had some problems and never truly got my self together till my senior year this year. “Im very excited that it’s my last year, even tho this is my last year i tend to make the best outta of it. Gotta be drama free a stress free life issa healthy life. I’ve always wanted to be a cheerleader and now that its happening I’m so happy like being apart of something for my year makes me happy. For my future self n life i feel as if cheering will be in my life my future daughters will cheer, and maybe ill be a cheer coach that is what I’m hoping for. For y’all underclassmen cheerleaders my words for u is to continue repping kohala cheerleaders give kohala a name not only for a basketball team or football team or softball team lets get the kohala cheerleaders up there showing everyone its more than just looking pretty n waving our arms around we actually put in work. Keep your heads high don’t ever look down at yourself your all so very beautiful i hope your high school years turn out wonderfully. For all the sissypoo cheerleaders i hope we have a great year together i truly can’t wait till we gt to get lit with each other and just have a bomb ass year! luv y’all!!”

Grace. T  a underclassmen cheer sister, “I became a cheerleader because i think KHS desevers more recognition  & id love to be a part of making that happen. I think my fellow cheerleaders are super outgoing and incredibly kind. Our coach is very welcoming and has a heart of gold , I’m most excited for basketball because we can connect with the crowd more.”