Otus vs. Teacherease: Which do Teachers prefer?

Nick Quinn, Reporter

School officials have enacted a plan to remove Teacherease and replace it with Otus this school year at Kohala High School. Their reasoning for this is that Otus is supposedly better for standards based grading, but what do Teachers have to say about this?

When asked which one she preferred, Ms. Petruzzi said that she preferred Teacherease. She also commented that “It might be unfair because I don’t know Otus as well,” but she said that Teacherease was easier, and everyone was used to it already. She added that “Otus has features that could be cool, but needing to explain it to students, parents and teachers will take time.”

Ms. Greene argued that neither are really right for our school. She explained that “Teacherease is very easy to use when you figure it out, but it is very hard to import standards. It works well with points-based grading, but when we switched from that it didn’t work.” She also said that “We were sold on Otus for its ease of use, but it didn’t really align with our expectations on that. It was designed with a lot of cool features, but since it’s built on a database instead of a spreadsheet, this makes it harder to use, and so it doesn’t really align with our teacher goals of efficiency, quality of student feedback, and progress monitoring for our standards.”

All in all, teachers are still split about this subject. Maybe, in their current states, neither Teacherease nor Otus are right for our school, or maybe if we stick it out with Otus, things will work out and become easier over time. Maybe we should switch back to Teacherease! No one can really know until we give Otus a little more time.