Fashion Tips for Today

Kahelelani W. Kawai-Poliahu, Reporter

Fashion now a days has been expressed in many different ways. I’ll admit, most of these ways are beautiful and creative but there are some downsides to these fashion choices. The fashion evolution has been a wild ride, I must say. Today’s fashion has become a mix of pretty much everything, including time and culture. Mind you that these are just my opinions.

I’m not too sure if you’ve noticed, but early fashion trends are starting to come back into play, that’s including mom jeans, chokers, bright colors, etc. One thing that found its way back to the 21st century is stripes. I appreciate stripes because it’s very minimal yet fashion forward; just don’t overuse them cause then they’d become an eyesore. Black anything is in right now, just make sure to have at least 1 pop of color with a black outfit so you don’t look depressing. Shoulders are always a nice touch to a look so flash that skin every once in a while with a tank top or off the shoulder blouse.

I’m gonna tell you this now, Ross is where it’s at. Ross has inexpensive high quality clothing. Another place that is basically a staple for the majority of Hawaiian teenage girls is Jeans Warehouse. They have more relevant clothing styles compared to Ross but they’re a little more on the expensive side. Another cool place is Macy’s, but they’re most definitely on the expensive side and if I’m being honest, their clothes aren’t as relevant as Jeans Warehouse. Another thing that a lot of people are doing now is thrifting clothes, but some people are a little hesitant when it comes to that.

Fashion in general today is really dope because everyone is expressing themselves more than they have before. As long as you’re happy in what you choose to wear then that’s literally all that matters.