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Do Students Feel Motivated When in School?

Jera Hook-DeSilva, Reporter

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If you were to ask a student, “So how’s school going so far?”, you will mostly likely receive a response along the lines of, I hate/don’t like school, school is so boring, I’d rather stay home and sleep, etc… Do students feel motivated while they’re in school?

When asked if they felt motivated in school, Anthony, a junior attending Maui High School, says, “People at school are jerks and so much tests I’ve been having. It’s too stressful.” School has proven to have taken a negative toll on him and there is little to nothing making him want to go to school and learn.

When asked the same question, Kaylina, a freshman from Kamehameha, responded with, “Ummm, no. Nothing is of interest. I’m not getting hooked to what I’m learning because I’m not interested in it. There isn’t anything interesting and there isn’t a choice on whether I can do it or not because it’s something that’s forced on me.” It’s possible that if schools were to provide students with more opportunities to do things related to the interests of students, they may be more motivated and display a better performance in school.

After questioning a third student, Leiah G.(freshman at Kauai High School) replied with, “No, I feel dead. I’m just really lazy to do anything, especially when you have teachers and peers constantly watching. If anything, I feel pressured instead of motivated to do things right or perfect.”

Students have shown that school, rather than motivating them, actually applies more stress, pressure and provides little interest for students. The way fellow peers and teachers act towards other students greatly affects the perspective of school for students. If students aren’t motivated in school, it can greatly affect their behavior and performance in class.

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Do Students Feel Motivated When in School?