KHS School Clubs

We don’t have many clubs at Kohala High School, but the ones we do have are quite interesting. We have Robotics or as the mentors like to say, ” Kohala Cowbotics.” Next we have the Travel club, which deals with students who want to get an early start exploring the world. Then we have the Student Credit Union which helps students manage their money and gives some students jobs as student tellers. Another is the Leo Club, who’s goal is to keep Hawai’i clean while giving their members volunteer hours that look good on a collage transcript. Next we have the Speech club, for people who like to talk or for people who are learning to talk to large groups of people and want to be more open about their opinions. Then there is the Hokupa’a Youth Leadership Council, Kohala High School clubs are quite diverse, form dealing in the fields of robotics and computer programing to community service and job experience, to history, language, and architecture from other cultures and places in the world. A lot of the clubs here at Kohala are trying to give students a new view of the world, trying to fulfill their duty as teachers giving us more then just the information we need for the real world. You should try one out, you might find that you like one or more of them. It is a great chance to learn about new things that interest you.