Should class times be shortened?

Kailee Paro, Reporter

There are some students in Kohala High School that feel like class time is way too long.  They believe sitting in a classroom for an hour and 20 minutes gives them a difficult time focusing in class because there is very few movement for them.

Students love to move around, but teachers do not like such movement or breaks which can make the teenagers in the classroom really exhausted and they get lazy to do more work.  Out of experience, I love to do work, but too much does get me tired and I get lazy and slow when it comes to more assignments, and I am really trying to push it.

Each student learns at different paces and some work for them can be an overload, especially sitting in a classroom for almost an hour and a half.  Teenagers consider making class time a little shorter so working on duties will be a relief for them and it won’t be so tiring for most students and maybe more work can be done.