Should teachers be more lenient or strict?

Kailee Paro, Reporter

There are a lot of good factors and bad factors to both a lenient or strict teacher.  Some students consider a more lenient teacher, some students consider a more strict teacher.

Having a lenient teacher can create a more calm and easy environment, helping kids focus and have a balanced mentality.  Lenient teachers can be very helpful and can get some students to get work done without stressing them out and giving them reasons to give up on the assignments.  But there are also bad factors when it comes to a compassionate teacher.  For example, students will think that it is okay to slack off in class because their teacher gives them sympathy and more time.  Or they think turning in assignments on time won’t really matter because their teacher will let them be sloppy.

Having a strict teachers can cause students to have intimidation, making them knowing that turning in work on time is beneficial, if not, you will get a failing grade.  Strict teachers alarm teenagers in the class that there is no time to for play time which is a really great feature of having a strict teacher, because at least work gets done.  But some students don’t get frightened so they give an attitude and make it seem that this teacher does not phase them in any way.

For me, I can handle either or of a strict or lenient teacher because they mean well and have their reasons and I love to get some work done.  But other students in the school may think other wise because everyones mind set is very different in a variety of ways.