Cheerleading, Sport or Not?

Donna Botelho, Reporter

Surprisingly enough, this has been a debate between students at Kohala High School for the longest time. If cheerleading constitutes as a sport or not. Cheerleading normally consists of a team of girls cheering on a sports team with chants and physical activity to preform stunts. This is what cheerleaders at the school had to say when asked the question, “Do you believe cheerleading should be considered a sport?”

Veteran cheerleader Mya Bartsch stated that “I believe that cheerleading is considered a sport because I mean if you look at it with everything else, like dancing is a sport, hula is a sport and everything else that you wouldn’t really think of and like people ask “oh its not a sport because your not working hard, you guys are just sitting and looking pretty” But no actually we’re working really hard. We’re jumping and we’re yelling at the same time. We’re also memorizing things and we need to have coordination and that’s a really hard thing and many people think that when they come to practice, when they’re a new cheerleader they always say “oh wow I didn’t think that it was going to be this hard like before I came to practice I was like eh this is going to be easy but then I started dying during practice because it’s so much worse and hard to memorize so many cheers” and I saw this one quote where it was like wow you carry a 2 once ball, we carry a 100 pound body. That’s my reason.”

Another cheerleader, Maya Finau stated that “we do most of the same things that other sports do, we do a lot of exercising, competitions, and things like that and we’re a team so theres that. we basically do, much of the same things other sports do. The only thing that sets us apart is we are cheering on other teams and other sports and other sports don’t really involve themselves with that.”

That’s what 2 of the cheerleaders on the Kohala High School squad think of the debate about if cheerleading is a sport. Any differing opinions? Leave them in the comments!