X-Country Team Captains of 2018

Aliyah Page, Reporter

Every team sport consists of a team captain, either to represent the team overall or to represent the boys/girls team. The cross country team voted for their team captains around the week before their first HPA meet(Sept. 1, 2018). They’ve elected Senior student Angelique Kokal as the female team captain and Sophomore student Mark Shahagun as the male team captain. To be a team captain, one must have the needed leadership and be able to represent their team and school. Both team captains expressed their feelings about being this year’s team captains:

“It makes me feel nostalgic because I remember as a freshmen Yuki was the team captain and I idlolized her. And now its like I’m filling in her shoes and the torch is being passed on. It feels great to bring the team together and to become the leader I’ve once looked up to,” says Angelique Kokal.

“As one of the team captains for the team, I feel a feeling of a lot of responsibility. I am responsible for leading the team to do something that can be very difficult,” says Mark Shahagun.

According to both team captains, they take on a lot of responsibilities during meets and practices. Looking out for their teammates like a second set of team coaches.

Angelique says: “Basically to stay positive and to encourage others to be the best versions of themselves that they can be. Also my duties includes basic things like leading warm ups, keeping people organized during meets and offering advice to people when they encounter conflict.”

Mark says: “As team captain I am responsible for leading the guys at cross country meets. As soon as we get to the meet I am responsible for every guy on the team. I lead the warm ups before meets, I lead the stretches, all the things that we need to do to get ready for the race itself. I choose the lane where we’re gonna start and after the meet I lead the guys in a cool down and later to the showers and then back to the bus”.