X-Country Sets Personal Record at Kamehameha

Aliyah Page, Reporter

Cross country meets can be hot, humid, or rainy yet no matter the weather our runners must run in those conditions, the only exception being thunder storms. At Kamehameha school on September 8, 2018, around 2pm in the afternoon was when the first race started for the team’s second meet. The course was said to be difficult due to the humidity- Kamehameha is known to be very humid during meets, or basically any Hilo courses. However, three of Kohala’s cross country runners has set new personal records for this course, beating their times from last year.

Sophomore students Jessica Andrews and Mark Shahagun along with Junior student Danyka Cazimero have all set new personal records for this course. To be able to run in such a very humid course takes a lot of energy and perseverance to finish strong.

Jessica Andrews says: “It was really exhausting because the heat takes a lot out of you.”

Mark Shahagun says: “It can be very difficult running in a humid course. It’s really hot while your running and can be hard to breath, but after you’re done you can take a nice cold shower.”

Danyka Cazimero says: “It was really hard because I wanted to stop but I kept pushing because of the outcome and I though about how worth it it would be at the end.”

Congrats to Kohala’s Cross country runners for setting new personal records at your second race of the year. May you continue to strive till BIIFs.