Winter Play “Santa the Sister Stealer” was first time performing experience for most of cast


Ola Moetulu, Isabel Steinhoff, and Kira Ledward performing the last scene of the show

Daryl Diaz, Reporter

Kohala High’s performing arts club, KGoodnightMoses, presented a short original winter play, “Santa the Sister Stealer”, on Thursday, December 14. The received a lot great reviews from the audience and it was a successful show. For many of the students who were in the cast, this play was their first public performance with theater. The play was written and produced by club member Daryl Diaz.

Like most people who perform, the whole cast was nervous. For the past 4 weeks, the cast rehearsed and prepared for this show. Even though they were prepared, many were still really afraid of performing, but after their first few minutes of performing in front of the audience, they started feeling comfortable and enjoying themselves.

Denae Rivera, freshmen, felt scared at first, but after her first scene, she felt everything flowed into place. Rivera says,  “My character I played was in the opening scene. I wasn’t confident enough, but gained that confidence soon after the first scene started. It was fun and the cast was amazing.”

Carley Arraujo, sophomore, thought it was scary at first. Especially since it was her first play. She has performed before in front of people by singing, but acting was her new performance. Arraujo really enjoyed  being a part of the play, ” Though I was scared, performing in the play was fun. Especially seeing and hearing the audience react and laugh at the right times.”

“I felt nervous, but beyond excited,” Ola Moetulu mentions. Moetulu was Jack, the main character of the play. He loved being in the show, “Knowing that I was about to go up on stage and show everyone what I’m made up of was one of the greatest feeling I have ever felt.”

Even those who had did not have lines were also worried. “It was still nerve-wracking because I didn’t want to mess up,” says Chaslyn Yamamoto. She says her first theater performance experience “went really well.”

Geronimo Boyle, sophomore who played Santa, thought he was going to make a mistake. “Surprisingly, I remembered all my lines and we did great.” Besides the play being successful, he also enjoyed the process of bringing this play to life, “I really liked rehearsing for the play because it was like we were hanging out and we became close friends.”

The first time experience for these students was great, and so was the production over all. If you could not make the production and are interested in watching the video recording of the play, you can search “KGoodnightMoses” into the Youtube search bar, you will be able to find it. If you can’t find it, you can email and they will send you the link.