Seniors, Are You Ready?

Gillian Ward, Reporter

It is only the beginning of the 2018-19 school year and the heat is already on for the seniors of Kohala High School. Yes indeedy, rumors are going around that the senior project will be due earlier in the year than it has been in the past, and a portfolio must be completed before the end of this year. Many of us seniors are scrambling for a topic. If that wasn’t bad enough, PTP must also be submitted. Oh yes seniors, the heat is on. There is no more time to put these things on the back burner.

Besides that, are seniors ready? Many of the years we spend in school we look forward to the end, but only in our last year or so are we hoping for time to slow. Soon, this year’s seniors will be pushed into “the real world”. Wether we plan on working, furthering our education, or traveling, we all have to start preparing.

In 8 short months, there will be no more government funded, friend hangout time for the current seniors (school).

Seniors, it is time to get our work done and try to enjoy our last year.