How do you feel about the new bell schedule?

Arwen Hasegawa, Reporter

In the beginning of the year, we had a different bell schedule. Not a lot of people like it and it was also confusing at first. This is how our bell schedule is. The first week, on Monday it’s odd periods. ( 1,3,5,7 ). Then Tuesday is odd, Wednesday is even, Thursday is odd, then Friday is even. Then the next week came by and on Monday, it was even. Every Monday the schedule would change to, even, odds, even, odds, etc. I really don’t like it but at the same time I do.

Here is what some people said. Aliyah is a senior at Kohala High. This is what she said “I hate our bell schedule. The days are dumb, and we don’t have enough class time”. Jera is a freshmen at Kohala High. This is what she said “I don’t like the different amount of classes we have. Also kinda annoying. I don’t like Mondays switching off”. Scarlett is a sophomore at Kohala High. This is what she said, “We don’t have enough class time and we have more odds then evens”.

This new bell schedule doesn’t give us enough time for anything. Out of the whole school year, we mostly have odd periods and we don’t really have even periods. In this whole two months we been in school, we only had resource twice. These past two months, we haven’t had enough time in our even periods. We need more time and we need to even out the schedule more.