New alternating Monday schedule

Kailee Paro, Reporter

The new alternating Monday schedule seems to be confusing some students sometimes, especially when we don’t have school on Mondays.  In my opinion, I think the new schedule is way more of a relief than having all 7 classes the first day back to school.

When we had an ordinary Monday, students got really exhausted and over the last periods of the day because it was a lot.  Having all 7 of those periods gave some students a hard time trying to focus at the end of the day, because by the end of the day, all they think about is sleep and to go home already.

Alternating Mondays are working out, just the only difficult factor about this new schedule sometimes confuses students, even me sometimes.  I tend to forget if this Monday is an odd or even, but it made things much easier because the school posted a schedule on the website on the dates of which Mondays are odds, and which are even.  Overall, I think this new alternating Monday is a bit more easy than having all periods on one day and on a Monday.