Only four days at school?

Kailee Paro, Reporter

What if we had three day weekends and only attended school for 4 days?  I honestly think that would be a little more of a relief.  In elementary school, we had furlough Fridays where it would be only four days of school and I would get to enjoy a three day weekend.

The problem with this idea was that teachers were not getting paid, there so there were many complaints within the system that got rid of our furlough Friday.  I understand where teachers are coming from, but students were really satisfied on how school was set up.

Four days of school would be a really great factor towards students, and maybe it doesn’t have to be a day where there is no school at all.  There are some students that need to make up work or tests that didn’t go well, it could be a study hall day where students get part time help.  It is a good suggestion knowing that there will be four days at school.