What are you doing for Halloween?

Halloween can be scary, not only because of the costumes some people wear, but also because it is a night when you send your kids roaming the streets for free candy from strangers. The holiday may not be as threatening here as it would be in large towns and cities, but it is still nice to know that you and your kids are safe.

That is why it is so great that Solid Rock North Church will be hosting their annual fall gathering at the gym in town again. Here, you won’t just be asking for candy, you will get to play games too! They will be offering all kinds of fun games, activities, food, and don’t forget all that free candy!

Everyone can have fun at the celebration. There will be awesome candy winning games such as spin the wheel, bowling, “fishing”, and many more. Also, glow golf inside the gym as well as the raffle.

Don’t miss out! Make it to the gym for the celebration.