Hurricane Lane Leads To A Continuance Of Landslides in Waianae Gulch

North Kohala recently dodged a bullet of a Hurricane named Lane when it brought record amounts of rain for the whole island chain and high winds completely throwing off normal weather patterns and damage to property.

These conditions triggered a landslide completely blocking the whole road  while automobiles were caught in traffic for over an hour.  Fortunately, the highway cleanup crew, who had been up for twenty – four hours during the storm cleaning up debris from around the island, was able to clear the highway fast.  Soon after that, another landslide hit, in t after yet another downpour

Landslides are triggered by earthquakes, volcanic activity, a disturbance or change of slope, or, in this case, intense rainfall over a short period of time.  It will continue to produce landslides, not all of them blocking the highway, but still landslides.