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The not so Immortal Iron Fist…

Donna Botelho, Reporter

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Mostly everyone with a Netflix account is aware of the Marvel Netflix original shows that are on the streaming service. They’re known for their darker tones and how they tackle more realistic issues than the Marvel movies do. Right now on Netflix we have Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Punisher, Iron Fist and the Defenders. Most of these shows have had very warm receptions, most with 2nd seasons already out or coming out!

However one of them seems to have fallen off the wagon with the critics and with the fans. Iron Fist was a show most people were critical of even when the first trailer was released. Some people thought that it would be a good opportunity to cast a Asian actor and others were upset at the obvious departure from his comic book origins. The show did garner a second season on Netflix and people admit it was better than the first…

But, Netflix did announce on Deadline that Iron Fist is NOT returning for a 3rd season! So, apologies to anyone who was excited at the possibilities left behind at the end of season 2! The immortal Iron Fist does not live on.

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Donna Botelho, Journalist

Hey, I'm Donna and I obviously love to be on camera. I've loved writing since I was in the womb writing an opinion article on it and I wanted to be a journalist...

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The not so Immortal Iron Fist…