DC Universe: Titans!

Donna Botelho, Reporter

Have you watched the old Teen Titans cartoon as a child? Or perhaps you enjoy the new Teen Titans GO! and their movie. Both these are radically different shows with different tones, however they did try to stick to some type of comic book accuracy. If you enjoyed any of those shows or have any type of interest in the Teen Titans you might be interested in the new Titans show which is exclusive to DC Universe! It’s first episode had just premiered on October 12th on DC’s very own streaming service. The episodes will continue to release every Friday until all 12 episodes are released.

Reviews for the show from fans are very divided as these do not resemble the superhero team most people grew up with. However, it is very exciting to see a fresh new team that differs from the norm, with a much darker and realistic DC twist on them. Although we haven’t seen much of the entire team yet, the effects are the story seem to be heading into a good place.

If you want to watch Titans its exclusive to DC universe in the US and will be on Netflix outside the US!