Kohala Ready For the Friday Night Lights!

Jonard Asencion, reporter

The Kohala Cowboys and the Pahoa Daggers were ready for an all out brawl on Kamehameha School Field, ready to take on the storm, but looks like the storm took them out. On Saturday October 13th, football playoffs were about to kick off but the first game between Kohala and Pahoa was canceled due to a lightning storm that occurred mere minutes after leaving the locker rooms.

At first, it was going to be a sunny day but it turned into a stormy and rainy evening with some intimidating lightning strikes. The other 2 games continued as planned I suppose, unfortunately we couldn’t stay to watch, but as for Kohala vs. Pahoa, their game was postponed and rescheduled for Friday October 19th, at Keaau Field, where the game will start at 6:00pm.

You heard correctly, it’s going to be a night game. The Kohala Cowboys have worked vigorously for the past week, working under the lights to acclimate to the night. They’re passionate that they can burn through Pahoa and let them know to never underestimate what the Kohala Cowboys can do. They have the talent, time to put it to the test and show them that we still got a lot of fighting spirit left.


Kohala Cowboys practice under the lights at Kamehameha Park. From left to right, Keahou Kaholoa’a Aguilar (#7), Mani Provencal (#73), Jordan Alejandro (#25), Zhane Ellazar-Ching (#23).


Readying up for another play, Aukea Kaaekuahiwi (#56), Mani Provencal (#73), Keola Dewitt (#57), Zak Javillonar (#10), Mj Macaspac (#88).