More construction

There’s more construction spots being dug up. All this spots being dug up plus this rain is making mud all over the school. They should’ve finished one spot of the construction before starting another one because there is just way to much construction going on. They should be doing the construction while we have breaks and after school hours because it’s messing up our day. Believe it or not with all this construction going on I’m pretty sure students are getting really pissed because grades might be going down because they can’t focus with all the noice or maybe they could be irritated with all this mud getting their clothes dirty and the fact that we have to walk all the way around to get to classes in the pouring rain. “Everytime I try to talk to my teacher and ask him/her questions the loud machines always cut me off and it’s irritating, and because of this my grades been going down because I can’t focus” -Malie