Another hero bites the dust!

Donna Botelho, Reporter

Iron Fist being cancelled was not a surprise to most people, however another Marvel Netflix show has just gotten the boot by Marvel and Netflix. Luke Cage, another popular show was announced to be cancelled in a statement given to Deadline by Marvel and Netflix. This comes as a surprise to most since Luke Cage had come out with positive reviews all around during the summer when its second season had premiered.

Since Iron Fist and Luke Cage are not returning, most people were hopeful for a Heroes for Hire show, which is a comic book storyline that people were eager to see on the small screen. However, since Marvel is partnered with Disney for a streaming service they’ve announced people are assuming that most of the Netflix shows are going to get the boot to be transferred there.

So if you’re into Marvel and there very own original shows, be prepared to shell out some cash for a subscription soon!