Viral outbreak at N.J. Facility

6 children dead due to a viral outbreaks which cause Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Haskell to an immediate order to shut down the facility to new patients.  Wanaque center is a 227-bed, for-profit facility that works “with medically fragile children.” They even serve a nursing home for adults  and a rehab center for both short and long term care. Adenovirus is the illness that these unfortunete people have contained which in the words of Dr. David Cennimo “Adenovirus may cause more fever and more bronchitis like or wheezing than a rhinovirus cold, for instance, but most people do fine,” However They do not know why the virus broke out, Officials say they could not confirm whether any of the infected children died or were presently being treated for the virus in hospitals, They will also not say how many children have been affected by the outbreak.


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