Fellow Artists, Try Out Inktober!

Aliyah Page, Reporter

(Artist: Aliyah Page Day 4: Spell) A witch casting her most devastating spell yet!

Hello fellow artists! Have you ever wanted a challenge to help improve your drawing skills and development of positive drawing habits? Well there is!

Inktober is a month long event that helps artists improve. This has been an ongoing event since 2009, created by Jake Parker, another fellow artist who created this event to improve his own skills. Inktober usually consists of inked artworks done each day based on the word of that specific day. As a fellow artist. I’ve taken part in this challenge to get better at inking and to have a better positive drawing habit.

There is no preferred day to start; every artist can start any time during the month. If you know any other artist interested in participating then let them know of this challenge. You can find this year’s prompts by searching up “Inktober 2018.” Think you can’t do it this year? That’s all right! Inktober occurs every October, so you can expect it to pop up again next year with new prompts. If you’re willing to take on the challenge, go for it, whether you start now or wait and prepare till next year.