Home to endangered species submerged after hurricane!

Malie Kamaile-Isabel, Reporter

About 550 miles Northwest from the island of Oahu the home to endangered species has been wiped out by hurricane Walaka.  The remote island was a refuge to two of the most endangered animals in the world the Hawaiian green sea turteals and Hawaiian monk seals. This place and was also the birth location to roughly one-seventh of all Hawaiian monk seals. The East island was the second-largest islet in the French Frigate Shoals and a atoll in the remote of the northwestern Hawaiian islands. This island was also part of a chain of small island groups in Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. According to Chip Fletcher who is a earth science professor at the university of Hawaii at Manoa 96% of the Hawaiian green turtles population travel to the chain of islands for safe nesting during their breeding season. Chip Fletcher also says that “there is only about 1,400 of Hawaiian monk seals left in the world —They spend most of their time on the island lying under the sun and resting on its beaches.”

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