Construction on Campus

Gillian Ward , Reporter

As we all know, there has been construction on campus since the beginning of the school year. In the beginning, it was just the area of the first building after the library, but now the construction has spread all over campus.

Many students detested the construction at the beginning of the year, claiming it was too loud and made getting to class difficult. At this point the construction is much worse.

Sparks are flyin’, and some heavy equipment has been brought in. The walk up to the cafeteria has become a path of detours, and there is mud and orange plastic everywhere.

Every level of the school is affected somewhere by the construction, and many of us wonder if it is going to be through by the end of the year.

At least for me, the routes to class have been different, but not terrible. The construction is loud and all over the place, but they are just trying to make the school nicer. I may not be here when it is finished, but I still think it will be nice. I think more students should be happy that the school is being worked on, since so many complain about it anyway.