How do you feel about spirt week at Kohala High?

Arwen Hasegawa, Reporter

What do you think about spirt week? Spirit week can be fun, but also boring. Our spirit week on Monday we have pumpkin day. Were we have to be decked out in orange and green. Tuesday is Scary Character/Supervillain day. You have to dress like a scary/supervillain. Wednesday is Halloween! You can dress up as whatever you want. ( Dress code applies ) Thursday is, Super Hero. Dress up as a super hero!! Last but not least, on Friday it’s Witch and Wizard Day. This is our spirit week. I talked to a couple of people about spirit week, this is what they said. 

Sierra Shaw (11) said  “Well this week is kinda lame to be honest, and the school kind of repeats the same spirit week ever again every year, I think it would be nice to switched up a bit every n0w and then, but yeah I like spirit week because it gives students a moment of freedom at school”

Kina Yamanaka (10) said  “Spirit week is a little boring, I just wished the school would switch up the spirit week and do different things instead of the same thing or almost the same thing. Overall I like spirit week, but I want it to be more fun and interesting”

Spirit week is fun but would it be more fun if the school actually switches up the days or maybe be original?