What’s the point of drama?

Kailee Paro, Reporter

Drama is caused by many reasons that can mostly be over the littlest things.  For example, jealousy (which is one of the biggest reasons), rumors, etc.  In Hawaii, drama is super common and it gets tossed around everyday just because people over here love juicy stories and like to hear about other people’s business.

I have been in really ugly drama, I admit, but I was never the one to intentionally cause it or hurt anyone.  But some people think that its funny to talk down about someone to make themselves feel better, which is a factor that is really messed up sometimes.  Everyone loves to hear the worse story caused by a rumor, but no one ever wants to listen to the truth.  No matter how much times you try to explain to someone the truth, most of the time the answer back will be “That is not what I heard”.  If people want to get involved and get into people’s personal life when they shouldn’t, they should go to the main source and find out themselves.  But no, they don’t even consider the main source and just listen to statements that is not even near the truth.

Drama is honestly pointless, everyone deals with their own stuff which shouldn’t involve other people because it is not their problem.  It is just another start of trouble that will come back around with a twisted story.