Growing Up

Food For Thought

Before you ask yourself, no, this is not a personal biographical story about me “growing up” or getting older. Instead it is a story on a broader topic.
Are you grown up? Do you consider yourself grown up? Do you base this answer on the way you think? Your actions? Your experiences, perhaps?
At what age do you think it might be time to grow up?
Maybe this article wont carry much meaning with many of you who read it, that could be because you are already mature or “grown up”, or it could be because you seriously don’t want to.

Growing up doesn’t have to mean living a boring 9 to 5 life or becoming a “slave to the system”. Anyone can go to a job and carry out orders. To me, growing up means that you act differently, spend your time wisely, or find your path.
For seniors, it may be that we need to learn how to manage time and be more determined (*cough cough* Senior Project, PTP), and for underclassmen, it may be that you need to begin acting less juvenile, leave behind adolescent ways, and prepare for adulthood. For all of us, I believe it is time to find path. I am all for living in the moment, but I believe we also need to be focussing on our futures, because if we don’t, unhappy moments may follow.

The reason I bring this up is because of a situation I witnessed a few weeks ago. An older student at Kohala High pulled a practical joke that made a joke of a very serious topic. I will not say much on it, but the point is that this instance affected me deeply and I still haven’t recovered completely. Since this panic happened I have carried much anxiety with me, but that’s not the point. The point is that this prank was extremely childish, wasn’t very funny at all, and resulted in a damage to others’ mental health.

These types of things won’t “fly” in the adult world. This type of instance could cause widespread panic and could actually get you thrown into jail. To be honest, this type of behavior would get you in trouble at school as well if faculty was present.

There are plenty of examples like this one, but my point is that we ALL need to start growing up.
Just some food for thought.