Holiday Season is Really Confusing

Jonard Asencion, reporter

We’re about to hit the holiday seasons but it’s shocking that most people are already getting into the Christmas spirit even though November is just starting. Thanksgiving is still a holiday but maybe some people have forgotten that. It’s a day when people give thanks and appreciation for all they’ve been given this year. Then the next day, everybody goes out on Black Friday, to wait in long lines, buy stuff for cheap prices, brutal chaos right after the day we give thanks.

What a holiday season this is going to be when people start lining up at the super store doors on November 23rd. As if this year wasn’t already hectic, I’m not psychic or anything but I’m pretty sure next year is going to be just as crazy.  So much is happening and to be honest, as a senior, it’s going by a lot quicker than I thought it would. Back to the topic, this Holiday season is going to be one to “not remember.” Unless you actually have a wonderful time with the family and nobody flakes out on you on Christmas day. Nothing to worry about except waiting desperately for this year to be over. Hope everybody’s ready for this holiday season because I sure am not. After all this is just an opinion, a senior opinion.