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Kohala High Schools Lunch

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Is Kohala High Schools lunch really lunch?

Kohala High Schools lunch can’t be a real meal because the Cafeteria workers only give us a little bit of food. And the lunch barley fills us up. Sometimes the schools lunch isn’t cooked properly causing students to get sick. The schools lunch also has limited varieties to choose from. Allysa Star Boyle thinks that the schools lunch could be better by improving their cooking and their food quality. Clyson Igarashi Marquez say that the schools lunch system is ridiculous because we pay a large amount of money for a small portion of food. We are also served the same meal every week. Kimara Pasco also say that at times the schools lunch can be good at times, but at other times the schools lunch can be a bit unpleasing to eat.

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Kohala High Schools Lunch