Black Lightning, Realistic Superhero!

Donna Botelho, Reporter

One of the most common complaints about the superhero genre is how unrealistic it is. That people would be a lot more exhausted and that being a hero would take a toll on a persons mental health. Most of these shows and movies are based on their comic book counterparts which are generally unrealistic and not based in any sort of reality. However there is currently a TV show on the CW which tackles a lot of real world issues and is a lot more grounded in reality.

Black Lightning is a CW show that is less popular than the rest of the shows currently airing however its story lines are realistic and diverse with lots of different characters that have interesting backstories. The characters feel the weight of their decisions throughout the story and deal with mental issues instead of mentioning them in passing. You’ll never be able to look away from the TV screen. The main character is married with power over electricity and has 2 children that he has passed powers to. Watch to find out more.

CW’s Black Lightning airs every Tuesday from 8-9 on the CW!