Thanksgiving is almost here

Kailee Paro, Reporter

The time for delicious turkey, gravy, ham, etc is just a couple of days away, including a 4 day weekend!  This holiday is a very nice event that brings family and friends together while enjoying a tasty meal and bonding with one another.

This time of year is a perfect time to express yourself and have fun with people you mostly only get to see occasionally.  Thanksgiving celebration is also a moment you get to share what you are thankful for, for example, I am very thankful for my close family and friends that care for me and give back the same affection that I desire.  It’s all about being humbly blessed with what you have while eating delightful food sitting around individuals that you know are thankful for you also.

Hope everyone enjoys some yummy turkey and gravy while spending time with people you are contented with, and have a nice celebrated 4 day weekend filled with amusement! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!