PTP Deadlines: Should They Make A Change?

Kamaile Gusman, Reporter

The PTP (Personal Transition Plan) is required for all students to complete to be able to graduate. The PTP provides students to research colleges and careers, and be prepared to apply to colleges and jobs.

The Personal Transition Plan has always been due senior year, and ignored during any prior years of schooling. Students are supposed to work on PTP during advisory throughout their high school careers, but have never been prioritized or pushed during. This leaves the students at their senior year, rushing and stressed out trying to complete PTP. In the midst of all this, seniors are trying to apply to colleges and get scholarships, which the PTP helps with. However, if it is not completed, you don’t have any head start to applying to colleges.

The simple solution to the mess of PTP is to, require the due date to be at the end of junior year. This ensures that all seniors will be set to get jobs or apply for colleges. It will reduce the stress on the seniors, and it will allow every single person to be more prepared for their futures.

Yes, part of the Personal Transition Plan is completing the FAFSA and a college application, which perhaps could be due senior year. However, all the requirements that are easily attainable should be completed by the end of junior year.