Survey shows KHS students prefer Mac computers over PC


Jenna and Andrew expressing how they feel about Mac computers

Daryl Diaz

Twenty six random Kohala High students were surveyed and asked the question, “would you rather have a Mac or PC computer?” The end result showed most students would rather have a Mac. 54% of the students preferred a Mac and 46% preferred PC. Some students elaborated and debated on why they chose what they chose.

Senior Andrew Trump says he would rather have a PC. He says the Dollar-for-Dollar value with a PC is better than a Mac. “You can do everything a Mac can do and even more.” He also stated, “I find the user interface convenient.”
Senior Jenna Nickl says she would choose a Mac. “They are more visually appealing.” Besides appearance, she says a Mac is easier to operate and hardly ever get viruses.
Trump commented on Nickl’s statement on appearance by saying PCs have a variety of different designs and computer options. Nickl pointed out that the music application of “iTunes” works better on a Mac. Trump said PCs are gamer friendly.  Though the debate went on, it seems, by a small percentage, most students at Kohala High preferred a Mac computer over PC.