PTP Is Over, Time For Senior Project.

Jonard Asencion, reporter

The deadline for PTP has come; most seniors have finished their PTP and others still got a little more to do before completely finishing it. This is their ticket to graduate however there is still one more part that needs to be done just to walk the line.  Seniors are required to do a senior project on the topic of their choosing that will somehow benefit the community.

With help from their mentor(s), they have to be able to put together a research paper on their chosen topic, a product/culminating activity that includes everything the student has accomplished, a portfolio of all the work the student completed pre,during, and after completion of senior project, and finally, a presentation that explains the entirety of the student’s senior project.

If seniors thought PTP was a bother, senior project is going to be a whole lot more than they think. Congratulations to all the seniors that have completed PTP, hope you’re ready for senior project. It’s going to be wild, Good Luck!