The Jolly Season is the Most Depressing

Aliyah Page, Reporter

Christmas is the time of year where families and friends come together and spend the time enjoying each others company. As the weather becomes colder and wetter, it gives more reason for people to take advantage of being cooped up indoors watching Netflix with some hot cocoa and a warm fuzzy animal on their lap. However, with the changes of the weather, people tend to get more down then they already are.

People who suffer from depression tend to get worst during this time of year because of loneliness and high expectations. Be honest, sometimes people tend to have too high of an expectation when it comes to receiving gifts and it puts stress upon others as they don’t want to disappoint that person. Christmas is the time when we get together but that is not possible when you got no one to be with. Seeing others in their happy little groups exchanging gifts and being happy while a lonely person has no one to give or anything to receive, a very sad time.

There is also the lack of sunlight that occurs during this time of year, which affects people who suffer from depression. Imagine being in a dark room for a long period of time with no light whatsoever, how can one be happy when they are only surrounded by the darkness where the most deepest, painful thoughts come to play. Be aware that this most festive time of the year can also be the most depressing.

Besides the depressing moods, thoughts of suicide can occur and even worsen throughout this season. It’s never too late to ask for help out of this dark hole, so please, call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline so you or a loved one may be saved from these dark encounters. 1-800-273-TALK(8225)