Acting Class encourages students to step out of their comfort zones

Aliyah Page, Reporter

Acting may seem like its just about pretending to be something you are not, but there is a lot more to it than just pretending as I’ve learned this year. It takes stepping out of one’s own comfort zone and experiencing something they never thought they’d do.

Ms. Brown’s acting class consists of a small group of students who participate in many activities to help enhance their skills. We tend to catch ourselves laughing when trying to act out a part where we must be serious, or there will be a game that we play where we can’t laugh at all, which can be hard for those who laughs to easily but is a good practice in getting prepared for future parts to play.

The class is very passionate and gets along really well like one small family. This sort of environment is essential for each student to step out of their shell without the feeling of shame. There are times we may feel too embarrassed to act out a role so ridiculous for us to do, yet we still enjoy the times when there is someone who can. In my case, this is a class where I can be who I am without harsh judgement, as I take this class seriously with much passion behind my participation.

There is still much to know as we roll into the third quarter very soon, but I’ve grown to understand more about it than I did before.