We all need time to cope

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Aliyah Page, Reporter

Everyone goes through a time in their life when they need a way to handle their stress. Stress comes from anything in a person’s life such as work, school, relationships, etc. Finding ways to cope can be a struggle because we tend to go towards coping in a negative way such as isolating ourselves from our loved ones, avoiding the problem itself, focusing on the negative rather than the positive, etc. It is understandable however, because most of the time we just don’t know what we need most in order to help us get through our stress, and this doesn’t just go for stress. We struggle to cope over anxiety and depression due to being unable to look towards the good in life because they just focus on the negative as well.

Some ways to deal with this stress would be to of course get your mind off of the situation. Staying in that situation can keep you in the past instead of the present. There are people who also goes out for a run to help clear their minds- a walk works as well. If you can’t deal with the stress any longer, don’t hold it in, talk to someone who is willing to listen to you and help you with your situation; talking to friends and family works as well as if you have a therapist.

We all go through both paths of coping and its not a crime at all. Yet we need to understand how we cannot dwell on the past, because we would miss out on what goes on in our current life right now. If you need help to cope, please talk to someone who is willing to listen and help you. There are people in your life who are there to help you, even if you think the whole world is against you.