Kohala Elementary Has Hope For Construction

The construction taking place at Kohala High School has transformed the school environment, not in a good way, and has been a nuisance since the beginning of the school year. The company has informed the school about several estimated dates, to where certain areas should be completed, which continue to be extended again and again. Many teachers can not even place books on their own shelves because of the lack of commitment to the dates placed forth.

On the other hand, the elementary school has not been on the same bandwagon as the high school throughout the duration of this school year. The elementary school’s construction team only begun recently, around the start of January 2019. With construction still new for the school, they have much more hopes of completion within a certain time frame. (Reminds me of the attitude of the high school many months ago)

On another note, the elementary and high school share a common area: The parking lot. The parking lot has been under construction for a while now, and about a month ago it got exceedingly torn up. However, new word around is that the parking lot should be done by spring break. Seemingly, staff at the elementary school are much more hopeful than at the high school.

Who knows? Perhaps the parking lot will be finished by spring break. Will the elementary school continue to keep their hopes up? Only time can tell.