Aquaman Review

Donna Botelho, Reporter

DC’s Aquaman came out last month a few days before Christmas and has made waves that no one had expected! The movie recently grossed the 1 billion mark and is one of the highest rated DC movies on RottenTomatoes. 

The movie told the story of Arthur Curry and his journey to stop his half brother Orm from declaring war on the surface world.

(Warning: Spoilers Below)

Within the movie he had reunited with his mother (who he believed had been killed by the royalty of Atlantis for abandoning her position as queen) and started a relationship with Mera, Orm’s intended wife. Arthur had defeated many foes, faced Black Manta and came out of it as king of the seven seas, with the trident that the previous king had wielded before his death.

It’s a beautiful movie with many moments appearing as if they came right out of the pages of a comic book, scenes that’ll make people yell with joy or cry. However some of the underwater scenes appear a little off, which is to be expected and the story is mostly supposed to be taken place there and it would impossible for it to look realistic.

However, that appears to be one of the only downsides. Most of the special effects were fantastic and the story was brilliantly done, making people not want to leave their chair until the final credit had rolled. The end credit scene was a cheeky reference to another appearance the iconic Aquaman villain could make in a sequel movie and the songs were incredibly funny and moving.

It doesn’t seem to suffer from some of the pitfalls that other DC movies have faced in the past, including too dark a tone or trying too hard to seem funny. The movie finds itself in a middle ground knowing when to be serious and when to be funny fitting right in with WonderWoman in that regard.

If you want to see Aquaman it is still playing in theaters and will be until the movie is released digitally. Tell us what you think!