What is school for?

Kamaile , Reporter

School isn’t a complete environment for learning but rather a game we play for grades, and how many A’s we can get. Teachers constantly say “Use your time wisely”, but that never made sense to me, because these six hours of our lives we call school, most definitely is the worst use of time management at our age. What teachers do is, they cram information in our head, force feeding us, and then expect us to throw it up on a test and expect us to pass with a good grade, when 1. they didn’t even explain the lesson good and 2. they expect all the kids to be at the same level. Thats not education is. True education teaches you how to put your car in drive. School teaches you, yeah, you put it in drive, but you didn’t show your work so it doesn’t count; put it back in park and turn the vehicle off, and if school was really interested in our personal, and academic success students would wake up later because its scientifically proven that teen brains don’t wake up till 10am and its un healthy for us to wake up before 7am, we would have more freedom and less homework/schoolwork. So what is the purpose of school?