Senior Project Opportunities

Donna Botelho, Reporter

Senior Project isn’t the most loved thing at Kohala High School, it hangs over the end of every senior until their graduation. However some good things do come out of senior project, including many different opportunities to interact with jobs a student could want in the future.

I, personally, have been mentoring with a writer for the Kohala Mountain News, with my first article published within the December issue of the newspaper. Being able to write for a actual local publication has been exciting to say the least. To go through the entire process of having to write a story pitch and than sending in the drafts of the story to be edited has been very eye opening to all the work it takes to publish even one story.

Although Senior Project is a lot of work, it gave me a great opportunity to leave my mark on Kohala through my writing, through community journalism to help the people of Kohala be informed.

When future seniors work on Senior Project the only advice I can give is to chose something close to your heart, other wise the project will feel like a drag and take even longer to complete. Since I enjoy my project, the mentor hours seem to fly by, even when I cut it too close to deadlines, its a great learning experience.

Use the project as a way to do something you love and the paperwork and research paper won’t be as painful, I promise.