Why is school not healthy for us?

Zaline Perez, Reporter

School isn’t healthy for us because 1.the school puts us in a place where we feel uncomfortable 2. schools puts us in a place where we have no one to talk to about of personal life because the adults at our school only listens to us and says “ok” then goes around to all the teachers and starts talking about our personal problems when they specifically said “you can tell me anything because this will always stay between us” and 3. school puts us in a place where we feel like were being ranked. Depression, anxiety, and stress to me is all caused from school, why? because not a lot of kids feel comfortable doing the things teachers force them to do and teachers favor kids that doesn’t do what their supposed to and leaves the kids who try their hardest behind like their a nobody. School gives me depression and anxiety because if we don’t get a good gpa or a passing grade the school is basically saying were going to fail and not go to the next grade which to me is messed up because some teachers don’t get that certain kids don’t catch on fast and its their fault for not explaining it good and taking their time out of the day to help us understand what our agenda for the month or whatever is. School tends to blame social media and electronics for all of our problems when schools the actual issue and school faculty say social media makes you insecure because of the way people compare you to others when school does the same exact thing.