Kakehashi Exchange Trip 2018

Destiny Souze, Reporter

Kohala High recently took a select number of students on an exchange trip to Japan through the Kakehashi exchange program. From the 15th of December to the 23rd, students got to experience japanese culture through various activities and learn all about one of the world’s oldest countries. Activities included sightseeing at the Shuri Castle and the Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum in Okinawa, participating in a school exchange and home stay with a host family, learning Okinawan karate and traditional Elsa dance, visiting the Edo Tokyo Museum, Asakusa Senso-ji temple, and lastly seeing the Harajuku Meiji Jingu Shrine. The trip was educational and fun, Kohala High is grateful to the Kakehashi exchange program for the experience and looks forward to hopefully participating in more exchange trips to Japan.