Attendance became a big problem in school

Kailee Paro, Reporter

There have been a lot of students who don’t come to school this year, or just come to school late thinking that it won’t affect them in any way.  There is a solution that can possibly decrease the number of students that miss school and don’t come on time.

Ive heard some students complain that we start school a little too early in the day, thinking about the possibility of starting a little later would help students get a better start of the morning since we don’t have to wake up as early.  For example, starting school at around 8:30 in the morning gives students a little bit more time to adjust waking up.  It has always been a topic for students because they don’t really enjoy waking up early to start school at 8:00am, and I understand that it’s not really that early but it is difficult considering the fact that majority of teenagers in high school are energetic during the night, giving us less time to sleep.  It’s exhausting getting up so early on a daily basis five days a week.

I believe that if students had a little bit more time for themselves in the morning, getting used to adjusting to a minor time change, can benefit the amount of students coming to school.  Starting school at 8:30 and ending around the same time would be in many students interest, and I think attendance won’t be such a problem.  It would work if we didn’t have to sit in a classroom for an hour and a half, maybe just a little less wouldn’t drain so much of a students energy, helping them adjust during the day.  Thinking of starting school a little later in the day and ending around the same time, just subtracting couple minutes a class in a day, would honestly benefit our attendance problem in school.